We might be back on the road, but there is not much to report as things are going to be a bit quiet for the next few days as we travel slowly to CA. So for example today we got a relaxed start (that is late) to the day, spent some time talking to Duane and Kim (RVers from Minnesota) and finally got moving by about 11:30.

A side trip to the town of Lukeville proved to be no distraction as the town is little more than a gas station, RV park and a collection of official Border Patrol buildings.

Once on the road north we stopped at two Border patrol checkpoints. These no doubt will prove to have been very gentle introductions to police stops and other inspections.

After a mere 121 miles we stopped for the night at a rest area on I-8 near the town of Sentinel.

The desert weather is great, warm and sunny - no wonder so many Canadians and Americas gravitate to this part of the world for winter.