Another late start and warm sunny desert weather saw us heading west along I-8 towards Yuma, and boy what an eye opener Yuma turned out to be. This town must be the RV capital of the world. There are RV parks, mobile home parks, and RV sales yards everywhere. There is even a large RV salvage (wreckers) yard packed full of RVs in all stages of destruction and decay. It is also a town with a strong hispanic influence, lots of spanish signs on motels and restaurants.

Tonight we decided to try our hand at casino-ing. We have heard from many other RV'ers that staying in the parking lot of a Casino is a good alternative to rest areas and truck stops. These tend to be quieter than the other forms of free overnight parking plus the added (and in our case maybe dubious) benefit of a cheap dinner. That is of course provided we don't participate in any of the games of chance. I think we are safe - I cannot imagine Nina putting money into a slot machine (those things that Australians call pokies). You can see from the photos that the casino really welcomes RVs by relegating us to a gravel paddock.