Late morning Nina gave her presentation to a group of about 20 young Mongolia adults. As mentioned in an earlier post they are improving their English in preparation for a demanding international language test (conducted by the ILTA) which if successful would qualify them for post graduate studies in Australia. We had an active and interesting couple of hours both in the classroom and at lunch discussing a wide range of topics with this group of thoughtful and articulate young adults.

After lunch we returned to the drilling company to find work on the truck well advanced. The existing mounts had been removed and the team was getting ready to install the new and much more robust upper mounts. The team had also removed the damaged storage box and only a glance was required to see that repair of that box was not feasible. During the course of the afternoon the new mounts were installed and the camper allowed to settle back onto the mounts to apply pressure during the night while the adhesive cured.