We had made arrangements to meet a young lady named Mehrafruz in Khorog today, so after a relaxed start to the day in beautiful sunshine we covered the last few kilometers into Khorog and parked in the main street. Along the way we passed, and were passed by, a car decked out for a wedding - in the photos below note the wedding car getting gas from a roadside vendor.

We met Mehrafruz at the appointed time and together we all caught a taxi to one of the two local markets in search of an outfit for Nina that would satisfy the Muslim sense of female modesty; this is in preparation for our time in Iran. The outfit we finished up with is certainly different (from Nina's usual attire), but we hope will do the job.

Mehrafruz went back to work and Nina and I spent some time at the food bazzar stocking up for the next few days on the road. The bazzar, as always, was colorful and chaotic.

Rather than return to the Pamir Lodge and its tight entrance we decided to try the Serena Inn Hotel for our nights camping. This is (according to the Lonely Planet) the best hotel in town. We had heard from some German overlanders that one could park at the Serena for only 20 Somoni's per night - which seemed a bit unbelievable for a "high class" hotel - so we decided to try it. Sure enough they allowed us to park on their premises, it was unfortunately another tight fit, but a very pleasant environment. Big lawns and gardens and right by the river.

Just after we arrived at the Serena a wedding party turned up for a celebration. It was the same wedding car we saw earlier in the day. Nina could not resist and got into the act as the second photographer and as you can see the wedding party welcomed her.

Later in the evening the German couple that told us about the place also arrived.