On our way back to the main road this morning we stopped a couple of times to buy supplies from the small villages and to "chat" with the locals. The return journey was slow due to the rough road but again it is interesting that miles and time seem to pass more quickly when the road is familiar.

Back on the main road we climbed steadily for some miles until we came to the entrance to the Shahriston Tunnel. This tunnel was opened only about one year ago and what a contrast it is to the Anzob Tunnel of a couple of days ago. There are lights, the concerete floor has no holes nor loose re-enforcing rods and from time to time we even saw ventialtion fans. Mind you after only one year of operation it should be in good condition. We wondered what it will be like in 5 years.

Some miles before the town of Shahriston we stopped for the night at a road side pull-off hoping to remain at sufficient altitude that the night would be cool; as tomorrow we head down into the low lands and probably a series of very hot days.