Today really brought home to us that winter is just around the corner. Some how the change in weather just snuck up on us as only 3 weeks ago we were trying to stay cool and complaining about the truck airconditioner not working. Whereas this morning as we prepared to depart Esfahan the sun was not up until 7:00am and the morning was cold, temps in the low 40°F. Later in the day as we drove north and a little west into the edge of the Zagros mountains we saw a dusting of fresh snow on the peaks and the temperatures in the valleys were sometimes only in the 30°Fs.

Today was planned to be a driving day, we wanted to get to (or near to) the town of Hamedan over 400km from Esfahan. Initially the drive out of Esfahan was a series of linked roads only some of which were on our GPS map and hence navigation was a bit of a frsutration. Added to that these linked roads passed through many small towns with their traffic, additional challenges.

As the day progressed it became clear that we were well off the usual tourist route and on the couple of occasions we stopped for groceries or fuel we quickly gathered a curious crowd of locals.

Eventually our navigation got us out into the "country side" and we were treated to mile after mile of freshly plowed farm land. From the remains of this years crops we guessed that most of the crop was wheat or someother grain. Scattered along the highway was the occasional brown village composed mostly of mud brick buildings.

Eventually daylight ran out and we stopped a little way short of our destination of Hamedan. We simply picked a roadside parking area next to the highway.