There was still a bit of last nights rain and sour weather around this morning as we set off west from Antalya. Magnificent roads and magnificent scenery was the order of the day as we wound along the coast squeezed between the escapments of the Olympos Mountains on one side and the Mediterranean on the other.

Descending into the town of Kumluca we were confronted by a sight that defied belief. It looked like almost the entire town/valley was covered in white. Our first thought was "it must be water" but as we got closer it became evident that what we had seen was the shining surface of the plastic covers over garden hot houses. This place must be the hot-house capital of the world. They seemed to house tomatoes and as if that was not enough every other spare inch of ground was planted with orange trees.

After Kumluca a section of the road followed the coast very closely, a scenic but twisting road that was carved from the sea side cliffs and folowed every turn. By this time the sun was out, the sea was blue and clear and it felt almost like a Washington summers day.

Eventually we arrived at the seaside town of Kaş (pronounced Kash) where we planned to spend a few days at a camping ground. We had heard from Peter and Barbara (the Swiss couple we met on the road in Tajikistan) that the place was pleasant.

We did a little, accidental, tour of town/village as the road through the town that our GPS picked was closed and so we had to back track. Getting into a spot at the campground was also a bit of a trick as it is a very tight place. But we finished up parked about 20 meters from the water.