This morning we made another effort to visit St Peter's Bascilica at the Vatican and things were going smoothly. The place was open, the lineup was short but as I approached the security screening just before the entrance I realized that I had a small pocket knife in my shoulder bag. Nina and I quickly discussed that if the knife was discovered I would step out of line, but the bag passed through the x-ray machine with no objection from the securty staff.

The bascilica was spectacular with the most amazingly elaborate decorations and impressive statues of past Popes.

We occupied the remainder of the morning wondering around admiring the sites, and trying to stay in the shade, then packed up and headed for the airport train in time for our flight to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik was a bit of an eye openner. I had left all of the research for this part of our trip to Nina and as a result had no idea what to expect from the city of Dubrovnik so I was more than a little blown away by the wonderful blue water of the Adriatic, the steep coastline of Croatia and the picturesque town of Dubrovnik.

After finding our apartment we did enough exploring to find a small super market and get some supplies for dinner