We only had a short drive today to the ferry port of Hirtshals. Even so it took us until early afternoon to get there. The slow progress was partly due to more shopping (those last minute food items, and some hardware pieces so that our fresh water hose will fit european faucets), but also due to crappy weather which put us in the mood to rest/doze rather than drive.

Once in Hirtshals it did not take long to find the ferry terminal and the gravel parking lot that was to be tonights camp. There were 10-15 motorhomes already parked when we arrived and during the evening the numbers swelled to about 30. Mostly a collection of typical European RVs but one expedition truck build on a MAN chassis and a goodly collection of Landcruisers and Landrovers.

We ventured out once after parking to do a little looking around the town but were quickly driven back inside by the rain. It is a quaint little town which seemed to be overrun by travelers and their vehicles. It also seemed like a shopping port for Norwegians who come across by ferry for the low prices !.

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