This morning before leaving Landmannalaugar I took the opportunity to try out a thermally heated natural pool right by the camping ground. My theory that the morning would be less crowded was correct and a good thing too, as the water temperature was very inconsistent and to stay pleasantly warm one needed to be right by the inflow of hot water. So suitably refreshed I helped Nina pack up and we were underway. With us today was a young Romanian women we picked up (as a hitch hiker) yesterday seemingly stranded in the wilds of Iceland as we were traversing the 50 km track into Landmannalaugar. She was traveling with us again today as a means of getting back to a more "main" road.

Our exit route from L14 was a different track from the one we used yesterday to get to L14 and together they made a loop. Todays track was a lot rougher than yesterday having a lot more stone and washboards. But the "adventurous" stuff was soon over and we found ourselves on a good black top heading back to Highway 1. We dropped our guest at an old viking village ruins (tourist attraction) where we hope she has no problems getting another lift.

So now we were headed towards a world famous attraction called the Blue Lagoon. This is (as we understand it) an up market thermally heated salt water spa facility.

Throughout the afternoon we debated whether we would try the waters of the Blue Lagoon tonight or camp somewhere nearby and go there first thing in the morning. In the end we decided on the "tomorrow" option and found a place to camp among the rugged rocks of an old lava bed near the town of Grindavik (which itself is close to the BL).