We idled away our last day on the Faroe Islands at the campground and then in the ferry line. In the process of returning to the ferry we managed to rack up our most expensive toll payment to date - Euro 50 for a return trip through a 3 km tunnel. Somehow that summarized the Faroe Islands for us.

The ferry trip back to Denmark was uneventful, but tedious, and confirmed for both of us that we are not "cruise ship" people - unless the ship stopped somewhere everyday.

Rain welcomed us back to Europe/Denmark and this encouraged us to head south towards Berlin without delay. Our only stops of the day were for necessities, this included a stop at a Danish dentist. I seem to have developed a tooth problem and some anti-biotic will hopefully hold it until I can get a more permanent treatment. Maybe in Berlin.

So now our Iceland adventure is over and we are on to the next chapter. What did we think of Iceland?. Interesting, worth the effort and cost to go see it. But somehow a little bit of a let down, perhaps the best phrase we heard anyone use about it was "under whelming".

Our camp for the night was yet another truck stop - we have visited a lot of these in Europe.