Today we were off to Mizen Head (or there about), the most south westerly point in Ireland. We followed The Wild Atlantic Route, a series of narrow picturesque coastal roads (maybe lanes would be a better description). As promised the scenery was really quite good, ocean, beaches, farmland and all with some bright sun(with a little rain tossed in to make us feel at home). At one of the beaches we passed we were more than a little surprised to see a surfing school operating with as may as a dozen students rugged up in full wet suits (including hoods and gloves) trying to stand on their boards in a 2 foot surf.

We arrived in the village of Goleen about 3:30 with the weather looking pretty good. So we decided that we would venture out to Mizen Head and its famous pedestrian bridge. Better see it late today in good weather rather than in the (possible) rain tomorrow.

As you can see from the photos the bridge connects the mainland to a small island upon which is built an old signal (radio) station. The bridge was rebuilt in recent years and is now more of a tourist attraction than necessary access to the signal station.

Not far from Mizen head is the Fastnet Lighthouse and the information building at Mizen had quite a display relating to this structure. This lighthouse is quite a famous structure often being shown with huge waves crashing over it.

Unfortunately Fastnet is also famous (?) for the yachting tragedy that took place in 1979 that resulted in 18 deaths of 15 yachtsmen and 3 rescuers. The rescue operation eventually comprised 4000 and at the time was the largest ever peace time rescue operation in Britain. The race starts in Cowes and uses Fastnet Rock (and lighthouse) as its turning point.

We have noticed over the past few days that the Irish seem to be really getting in-to halloween. But today we found a little village that had really gone over-the-top. They had made up dozens of halloween figures and staged them all over the town.