So we are back on the "road" for a little while. Following our month in Berlin with family we are taking a short trip to Morocco, without the truck and as part of a tour. Why you might ask, and the answer is both simple and complicated. Without the truck because it is simpler and does not require driving down to southern Spain first, as part of a tour because that is also simpler as someone else does all the organizing. And finally it fills the short time we have before returning to the US and, we hope, will give us a taste of the country.

So this morning we prepared the truck for its 2 week stay in the campground in Berlin and then headed to the airport anticipating (or is it hoping) that Morocco would provide some warmer weather and some sun. Our time in Berlin has been marked by typical winter weather with some snow, rain and generally grey skies.

So we were more than a little surprised when we arrived in Casablanca to find the airport and most of the city shrouded in mist, thick cold and wet mist .. brrrr.

A longish ride in a very decrepit taxi got us to our hotel and then the long boring day got the best of us and we hit the sack.