Another picturesque day driving through the desert, incredibly dry countryside interspersed with real honest to goodness oases, right down to the date palm trees. As the day came to a close we arrived in the city of Ouarzazate which believe it or not is the center of the Moroccan film industry. It has a number of film studios and many international films have been (partially) made here including the original Star Wars.

The evening turned out to be quite a surprise. We had been told earlier by our guide that the evenings dinner was included in the tour but what he did not tell us was that it would be a multi-course affair lasting from 8:00pm till midnight and that the food would be accompanied by a variety of entertainment ranging from Berber women in elaborate dress singing (or should I say screeching) to dark skinned men in colorful clothes beating away on drums and of course the inevitable belly dancing. Quite a spectacle.