Yesterday in San Sebastian was really the last day of "touring" as today we started the long trek North to the Belgium Port town of Zeebrugge where we will drop our vehicle for shipping back to North America. But even so we could not pass up the opportunity to drop into the French town of St Jean Pied de Port which is a major stop for pilgrims (and walkers) on the The Camino de Santiago. While St J.d.P.P is a small village I was surprised that it catered for our (and other) large motorhome well. Right in the town it had a large parking lot that was an aires for motorhomes and the main streets were comfortably wide. Interestingly this parking lot was right next door to a Jai alai stadium. More generally the town was a jumbled mix of French, Spanish and Basque. We had a nice afternoon there enjoying the tourist bustle and a beer in a local bar.