After Eindhoven a short drive took us to Brugge and Camping Memling. Interestingly this is the the only campground we have ever found recommended in a Rick Steves guide book. More interestingly when we arrived there was a recording of a Rick Steve TV show playing on the TV in the campground recreation room. To extend the interest of this place it is worth noting that registration was via a computer kiosk. Finally access to the campground wifi was dispensed from another electronic kiosk which gave out tickets with a username and password good for a single hour, but since these tickets are free we eventually worked out that taking them in groups of 6 or more was the more convenient strategy. The first picture shows us parked in the campground with the local forest as a backdrop.

Preparing the vehicle with all its repacking and cleaning is more than a bit tedious so more mention will nots be made of that aspect of our stay at Memling. As you can see from the last photos we did finally get to the port and deliver the vehicle. I should comment that Zeebrugge is a massive sprawling port facility but finding the right place and delivering the vehicle was very easy.

As to Brugge a lot more could be said. A very interesting, and quaint town with many old structures and a delight to visit. See for yourselves in the pictures. This is a place we will probably visit again.