First stop today was Rouen where we visited the grave of Nina's paternal grandfather - Donald McDonald - who died late in World War I and like very many colonials now rests in one of the many large cemeteries in the area. Thanks to previous visits by Nina's sisters we had no trouble finding the grave. The experience was surprisingly moving, for Nina because of the thoughts about what it must have been like for her father (Frank) who never met his father Donald, and for both of us getting a glimpse of the huge scope of the loss that the world wars inflicted on peoples from all parts of the world.

On a happier note. From Rouen we headed towards Calais and a little town called Saint Inglevert were we had another AirBnB for the night. This time the upper floor of a country cottage in a quaint little village that was only a short drive from a costal village called Wizzant. After settling in to our accommodation we ventured out to Wizzant and spent a few hours at a beach front cafe with a few drinks and a hamburger. Sunny day and beautiful beach.