This morning as I passed Laird Hot Springs I saw that the parking lot was crammed with motorhomes and tents. Apparently a lot of people, like me, discovered the campground and lodge full last evening. However they apparently are more creative than me and simply occupied the parking lot. The crowded nature of the parking lot confirmed my decision to give the hot springs a miss. Later in the day Nina informed me that, according to the Milepost, the Laird Hot Springs is one of the most popular attractions on the ALCAN.

Weather was much better this morning, sun and patchy cloud, and set the scene for a very picturesque transit through Lake Muncho and Stone Mountain BC Provincial Parks.

Breakfast was at the Northern Rockies Lodge at the north end of Muncho Lake.

Camping again tonight at the Triple "G" Hideaway RV Park and Campground. A convenient place with its own restaurant and bar.