Before setting out this morning I had a conversation with a bicycle rider who had also overnighted in the campground. Turns out the guy was French and like me was headed towards Fort St John. However he expressed to me that he had a problem. Seems there is no camping ground along that route for well over 100 kilometers and that he did not want to just camp in the forest beside the road, we was nervous of bears. Well once I got under way I was immediately confronted by a sign that encapsulated the Frenchman's concern; it read Check your fuel. No services for 144 kms (thats over 110 miles). And it turned out that the sign was correct, the first fuel stop, indeed maybe even the first occupied building, was a lodge at Buckinghorse River. For me the lodge provided a welcome stop for a traditional breakfast and a place to get fuel for the next leg of the journey.

While at Buckinghorse a number of motorcyclists came in from the St John directions and they were soaked and dripping with water. It did not take long after leaving the lodge to share their experience. Over two and a half hours of torrential rain.

The weather turned St John into a motel night. I was pleased not to be in a tent as it rained very heavily all night.