This morning was a real treat. From our overnight spot we climbed steeply to Lost Trail Pass and were delighted to find ourselves amongst fresh snow, quite a few inches of the nice fluffy white stuff. Despite having lived in the US (a place where snow is not uncommon) for 20 years we still have the typical Australian reaction to this "exotic" stuff. After Lost Trail the road towards Wisdom, MT climbed a little higher to Chief Joseph Pass before dropping out of the mountains and eventually the Big Hole Battlefield Memorial, and the cafe in Wisdom.

Wisdom is a very small town that we have visited a number of times on our travels and a place we really like. The cafe with wifi is a treat in an area where out T-Mobile phones rarely work. Nina, in particular, is attracted to a store called "The Silver Mine" and the new metal horse statue out the front.

The large "honda" fish hook beside the cafe seems new.

We spent the night at a sceneic overlook with a great view of the Maddison River Valley.

Late in the evening a Russian family dropped by to chat, they noticed the Russia writing and stickers on our vehicle and thought we might be Russians also.

So why the photo of my grey head. Well I managed to drop my cell phone down deside the dinnette seat into a very narrow gap between the seat and the wall. The photo is me trying to fish the phone out with a piece of bent wire. I was eventually successful, thankfully.