Today turned out to be a long distance day by our standards, over 200 miles. But bad weather is forecast for the next few days and we wanted to be at a campground while it (the weather) descended on us. Also the roads today were good, travel easy and the grass lands scenery interesting without being spectacular. Thus we made it to Devils Tower late in the day to find, fortunately that the KOA was open for a few more days. We also arrived just in time to get a few photos of the Tower before the sun was gone.

I should mention the sugar beets. A few days back we included photos of large piles of non-descript brown vegetables. Today we saw more such piles and the trucks that carry them. We are convinced these are sugar beets. Nina's research suggests that Montana is having a bumper crop of them this year.

As already noted we camped for the night in the KOA at the entrance to Devils Tower. Luck was on our side as they close Sunday for the season.