It was cold this morning, 20°F, and still snowing lightly. Overnight our diesel heater had (again) stopped working and this time I could not get it restarted. Fortunately we are in a campground with electricty so we can still heat the camper and truck engine or maybe we would be here another day. Putting aside the vehicle troubles the morning was really pretty. About an inch of snow covering most everything yet clouds high enough that we could see the Devil's Tower also with a light snow cover. We quite enjoyed our stay at Devil's Tower KOA.

Our chore for the day is to head into Rapid City and collect our mail. We have been using mail forwarding service in Rapid City called Americas Mailbox for a number of years, particularly when we are out of the country with our vehicle. In addition to collecting and forwarding mail they provide an address through which one can register a vehicle in South Dakota. This feature has been crucial to us while our vehicle has been out of the country.

By the time we got to Rapid City the weather had "improved", or at least the snow had stopped, clouds had parted, and the sun had appeared.

The mail we had been anticipating had not arrived so in some regards the day and trip into Rapid City was a bit of a waste.

We camped for the night at America's Mailbox on one of their "electricty only" sites.

After settling in to our "site" we got talking to the lady in a 5-th wheel parked next to us. Her husband had passed away in a local hospital the previous day; he was 55. We were a little shocked by that news, and felt for her; stuck in a strange town, no family or friends around trying to cope with the loss.