OK so some of you have noticed that updates to our website are starting to emerge again. Does that mean the truck is fixed and we are on the move again? Unfortunately it does not. We are still waiting for spare parts to arrive. Only a little while ago I got a phone call saying "tomorrow"; but we all know what that really means. Not today.

No the emergence of website updates indicates that the hotel wifi has improved and I have had time to do some research and find a way to transmit our website updates. For reasons that I do not understand whiteacorn.com is blocked in Iran. That means I can neither see the site nor update it. My solution is to send the updates to a different server in the US and then have our son apply the updates. What would we do without helpful sons.

I plan on releasiing a few days worth of entries each day until the website has caught up with our travels. Hopefully by then we will be moving again and on our way to Turkey.