It occured to me last night that I had not explained in the recent posts what this trip is about. I had given an explanation on the website home page, but anyone getting our updates by email probably has not seen that explanation.

So this note is to redress that oversight.

Across the USA 2018

Our current mini adventure is entirely within the USA and will include a stop at Overland Expo East 2018 which will be in Asheville, North Carolina in early November.

We realized some time ago that while we have undertaken many short adventures within the US, and crossed the continent a number of times, we have never pulled those various journeys together into one of the Photography Books that Nina has made of all of our other travels. Thus we decided that this years Overland Expo East would provide us with a good opportunity to round out our collection of US photos in preparation for that "US" photo book.

In addition the trip provides an opportunity to call in on Rob Pickering in La Junta, CO for some over due maintenance on our Unimog.

All in all we expect to be on the road for about three months, returning to WA in late December, after Christmas. This timing will leave us 6-8 weeks to do final preparation for our 2019 adventure. More on that topic later.