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Camping Page Introduction

Posted Friday 15th Mar, 2013

We typically keep a log of our camping places during our travels and in additional we occasionally note a place that might make a good camping place even though we did not use it. to read the full post

Camping Russia

Posted Saturday 1st Jun, 2013

Our route in Russia mostly followed major roads, and we were there at a time of year (early spring) when the ground generally had not entirely dried out. Hence we did not do much "wild camping" (though see below for a delightful spot), but rather generally stayed close to the road often in signposted Parking places or signposted picnic spots. We were warned by Russians that parts of the route we traveled had experienced incidents of violence against tourists (even murder) and that we should where ever possible stay at Cafes (Кафе) used by truckies. We often ignored this warning. But, in the stretch of road between Ulaan Ude and Irkutsk we were twice warned by police that the place we had chosen for the night was not safe and that we should move to a nearby truckies Cafe. to read the full post

Camping Mongolia

Posted Monday 10th Jun, 2013

Outside of towns and cities camping is very easy in Mongolia, just find some where you fancy and park. The only thing to be aware of is that in the country side Mongolians are curious, they like beer and food, see no reason why they should not simply take your beer and food without asking, and can turn into guests that apparently have no desire to leave and let you have your camp to yourself. Be prepared to move on as a last resort. to read the full post

Camping Turkey

Posted Saturday 15th Jun, 2013

Camping Kazakhstan

Posted Wednesday 17th Jul, 2013

We did not travel extensively in Kazakhstan. Directly south from the Russia border near Rubtsovsk, through Semipalantinsk and then to Alamaty. A short side trip to Charyn Canyon and back to Almaty and then to the Kyrgyz border and Bishkek. Thus we did not get a wide experience of finding camping places in towns/cities other than Almaty. to read the full post

Camping Kyrgyzstan

Posted Sunday 28th Jul, 2013

In Bishkek we stayed at the SilkRoad Lodge. This is a reasonably nice hotel (US$170 per double) and is affiliated with Celestial Mountain Tours. they would have allowed us to simply park the truck on their premises for $20 per night. to read the full post

Camping Tajikistan

Posted Monday 12th Aug, 2013

In much of Tajikistan camping was no problem, just pull off the road. However some parts of the Wakhan were a little difficult because of the narrow roads and frequent villages. On more than one occasion we packed on the edge of a small village. to read the full post

Camping Uzbekistan

Posted Monday 2nd Sep, 2013

When is came to Uzbekistan camping places were a whole new deal. to read the full post

Camping Turkmenistan

Posted Friday 20th Sep, 2013

Camping Iran

Posted Tuesday 24th Sep, 2013