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Aneurysm, water fall and .... plumbing!

Posted Tuesday 5th Feb, 2013

According to wikipedia an aneurysm is a balloon like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel. Well today I learned that motorhomes (or more precisely Global Expedition Vehicles) can also suffer from aneurysms; and the bursting of one particular aneurysm turned our motorhome into a good imitation of a water fall. Specifically 50 gallons of water washed through the camper and flowed down the entrance steps in a beautiful, though frightening, cascade. to read the full post

Plumbing, Part 2

Posted Friday 11th Jul, 2014

It seems like the first article about the plumbing in our GXV camper was Aneurysm published back in early 2013. That is why this one is called Plumbing, Part 2. I was prompted to write this post by a recent water leak we had in the camper. That got me thinking about the other couple of problems we have had with the fresh water system over the past 1-1.5 years and the lessons I have learned from those incidents. to read the full post