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Top of the world (Tok, AK)

Journal entry for Saturday 7th Jul, 2018 (day 15, miles 2807)

I spent a little time in the downtown area of Dawson City this morning, noting the touristification that has taken place since we were last here. Main Street is now looking pretty cute and up market but the "behind" streets are still pretty basic and unpaved. to read the full post

Wind (Fairbanks, AK)

Journal entry for Sunday 8th Jul, 2018 (day 16, miles 3040)

I thought today would be an easy 200 mile ride into Fairbanks. It started out warm though a bit windy and initially I spent time stopping to get some photos of The Alaskan Range. But as the day progressed the wind picked up and by late morning a howling wind (mostly a cross wind that demanded careful attention while riding), lots of dust turned the ride into a survival event. to read the full post

New tires (Fairbanks, AK)

Journal entry for Monday 9th Jul, 2018 (day 17, miles 3040)

I got talking to one of the owners of the B and B that I am staying at yesterday and discovered that, he is a keen motorcyclist, has bicycled and mountaineered in South America, owns a Unimog and was able to give the name of a local guy that does motorcycle maintenance and provides parts and service. The web site for this local guy is Today he (Dan the owner of AdvCycleWorks) fitted two new tires and gave my bike an oil change. I should note that Fairbanks has a BMW Motorrad dealer but they are closed on Mondays. to read the full post

The Dalton (Coldfoot, AK)

Journal entry for Tuesday 10th Jul, 2018 (day 18, miles 3290)

To get started on the Dalton Highway one has to drive (or in my case ride) about 80 miles along the Elliot Highway north from Fairbanks. The Elliot is reasonable quality paved country road so that 80 miles is no big deal, just a bit tedious, because one is keen to "get started" on the great adventure to Deadhorse. to read the full post

Tesing my limits (Deadhorse, AK)

Journal entry for Wednesday 11th Jul, 2018 (day 19, miles 3525)

I felt very lucky this morning when I looked out on a bright sunny day. Maybe, I thought, I would have good weather all the way to Deadhorse. Yeh, right. But I was not to know the truth for a while. North from Coldfoot the road is paved for about 35 miles and one starts to get views of the Brooks Range even before the pavement ends. So note to future travelers. Go North of Coldfoot a bit as the road is paved for a while and the views are good (provided the weather is OK). to read the full post

A relief, or good luck (Coldfoot, AK)

Journal entry for Thursday 12th Jul, 2018 (day 20, miles 3770)

Last night at dinner I met a German guy who had flown in to Deadhorse with a bicycle in an airline box ready to start a bicycle expedition to Panama. I say ready but that is a qualified term as he did not have any food and planned on buying supplies in Deadhorse. The hotel staff did not quite laugh at him but close. I waved him on his way this morning as he was up and ready to start riding much earlier than I was ready to depart. Before getting underway I needed to get fuel and I wanted to have a look around the town. This is another one of those take a note of where you are and what you are seeing as you will probably never be back here again. I noticed a number of motorcycles around the town and took a few photos as reminders, as well as bought some "stickers" for the bike at the General Store. Then it was hit the road time. to read the full post

Done the Dalton (Fairbanks, AK)

Journal entry for Friday 13th Jul, 2018 (day 21, miles 4050)

There is not much to say about today. The weather was good, the roads mostly dry and riding easy. The only record of the trials of the struggle to Deadhorse was the mud covering my motorcycle. For the first few hours this morning there were noticeably large numbers of rabbits and prairie dogs on, and beside, the road. I don't know why. But that's why the rabbit photo. to read the full post

First wet night and a Tiger (Lakeview CG, AK)

Journal entry for Sunday 15th Jul, 2018 (day 23, miles 4325)

Raining this morning as I set out to retrace my earlier steps to Tok. As a result of the weather I did not take much notice of the scenery nor take any photographs. When the weather improved later in the day and I came to the new Tanana River Bridge (just before Tetlin Junction) I decided to stop and take a few photos as an acknowledgement that todays route has pretty much followed the Tanana all day. to read the full post