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Zion, Glen Canyon Dam and a lot of miles! (Phoenix (Almost), Arizona)

Journal entry for Monday 8th Jun, 2009 (day 87, miles 15910)

We planned on getting to Phoenix today, a drive of something like 600 miles, but Nina could not resist the temptation of Zion National Park and we had to see some of it on our way. to read the full post

Visiting our son in Phoenix, plans for Central and South America (Phoenix, Arizona)

Journal entry for Tuesday 9th Jun, 2009 (day 8894, miles 16209)

We have had a hectic week in Phoenix, catching up on family matters, maintenance on the Tiger and emails/phone contact with Norm so that he could arrange insurance and shipping for the trip into central and south america. to read the full post

Radio Telescopes, desert and mountains (Tempe, Arizona)

Journal entry for Monday 4th Oct, 2010 (day 570, miles 58587)

The light was beautiful this morning and for a while we got back into tourist mode and took some photographs of the desert, and mountains bathed in the light of the rising sun. Later in the morning as we descended onto the low lands approaching Phoenix we passed through a really impressive gorge. to read the full post

Moki Dugway (Page, Arizona)

Journal entry for Tuesday 16th Oct, 2012 (day 104, miles 13098)

Our route from Blanding was south on 261 towards Monument Valley. Along the way we came across two spectacular but unexpected sights. The first was the (to us) oddly names Moki Dugway. This is a road way carved into a sandstone escarpment that connects the highland plateau of the canyon land region with the lower lands of the norther Arizona Navajo Indian lands of Monument Valley. The next interesting sight was the descriptively named Gooseneck State Park. At this spot there is an overlook which gives incredible views of the twisting course of the San Jaun river before it finds its way into Lake Powell. to read the full post

Antelope Canyon (South of Flagstaff, Arizona)

Journal entry for Wednesday 17th Oct, 2012 (day 105, miles 13305)

Antelope Canyon can only be visited as part of a tour. This is partly a restriction imposed by the local Navajos who I am sure want to get revenue from visitors to the Canyon. But it is also a safety precaution as the Canyons are prone to flash flooding from distant rain falls. For example in 1997 11 visitors died when the Canyon suddenly flooded. to read the full post

On the road again (Mobile, Arizona)

Journal entry for Wednesday 19th Dec, 2012 (day 168, miles 16753)

We are on the road again. As you can see from the date and miles on this entry we have spent the last 2 months and about 3,000 miles off the web visiting family and generally attending to business and chores. It has been great to spend some time with our sons, but not so great to have a bunch of chores requiring attention. However today that is over and we are back into travel mode heading for southern AZ and then CA and Mexico. to read the full post

The Sonora Desert, and cacti (Organ Pipes NM, Arizona)

Journal entry for Thursday 20th Dec, 2012 (day 169, miles 16861)

On the short drive south to Organ Pipes National Monument today we saw much evidence of our proximity to the Mexican border. The few small towns we passed through had many establishments offering Mexican auto insurance, many other signs were in Spanish, and in the space of 80 miles we passed two Border Patrol checkpoints. to read the full post

Checkpoints and a day in the desert (Sentinel Rest Area, Arizona)

Journal entry for Friday 21st Dec, 2012 (day 170, miles 16982)

We might be back on the road, but there is not much to report as things are going to be a bit quiet for the next few days as we travel slowly to CA. So for example today we got a relaxed start (that is late) to the day, spent some time talking to Duane and Kim (RVers from Minnesota) and finally got moving by about 11:30. to read the full post

RV Parks and casino-ing (Paradise Casino,Yuma, Arizona)

Journal entry for Saturday 22nd Dec, 2012 (day 171, miles 17072)

Another late start and warm sunny desert weather saw us heading west along I-8 towards Yuma, and boy what an eye opener Yuma turned out to be. This town must be the RV capital of the world. There are RV parks, mobile home parks, and RV sales yards everywhere. There is even a large RV salvage (wreckers) yard packed full of RVs in all stages of destruction and decay. It is also a town with a strong hispanic influence, lots of spanish signs on motels and restaurants. to read the full post

Leaving Mexico - again (Yuma, Arizona)

Journal entry for Sunday 13th Jan, 2013 (day 192, miles 19879)

The main event and/or interest feature of today was relinquishing our Mexican Tourist cards and returning the vehicle temporary import papers to the Mexican Banjercito. to read the full post

Tires rotated in freezing weather (Sentinel Rest Area, Arizona)

Journal entry for Monday 14th Jan, 2013 (day 195, miles 19977)

Before leaving Yuma this morning we stopped by a local tire shop and had them rotate the tires/wheels on the truck. I had also wanted them to reverse the tires on the two front wheels (that is take the tire off the rim turn it over and remount it) but the manager was not prepared to do that. He pointed out that to do as I asked he would have to disassemble the wheels (the truck has two-piece wheels and the two halves are sealed together with rubber O-rings) and without new O-rings (which he did not have) the reassembled wheel might leak. So we settled for a simply rotation. I stood in the workshop area for about an hour and a half rugged up like the workers while a freezing wind whistled past. to read the full post

An evening with friends near Tucson (Tucson, Arizona)

Journal entry for Tuesday 15th Jan, 2013 (day 195, miles 19977)

Today was simply a driving day. We were on our way to Tucson to spend an evening with some friends from Gig Harbor who were escaping the wet weather of Washington and getting in a bit of golf. Though with the current cold snap in Arizona the golf appears to have been put on hold. to read the full post

A visit to Quartzsite - amazing!! (Quartzsite, Arizona)

Journal entry for Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2013 (day 202, miles 20391)

From Tucson we spent 3 nights with our son and fiancé in Phoenix and then headed west along Hwy 10 towards the town of Quartzsite. We have heard from many people over the years about the RV "get-together" that happens in Quartzsite every winter but have never really understood what it was. Sometimes the description sounds like an RV Show other times it sounds like 300,000 people "dry camping" with their RVs in the desert. So we decided to drop in to that town and have a look for ourselves. to read the full post

Overland Expo West 2018 (Fort Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, Arizona)

Journal entry for Saturday 19th May, 2018 (day 1043, miles 82,852)

We missed Overland Expo West last year and so this year we were excited to see it at the (to us) new venue of Fort Tuthill County Park. And we were not disappointed. The crowd seemed huge and there was a vast increase in the number of exhibitors. Particularly noteable for us was the number of new providers of large overland vehicles. In fact there were so many and the vehicles are so large that our yellow Unimog seemed decidedly small. to read the full post