Posts From California

(Yreka, California)

Journal entry for Tuesday 12th Oct, 2010 (day 578, miles 59672)

Today was a long day of driving and we allowed ourselves no time for sightseeing. Our minds are now on getting home. Some of the desert mountain scenery through Nevada was alluring and reminded us a little of the mountains of SW Bolivia with dry valleys and the colors of the rock indicating thermal activity on the upper reaches of the mountains. We will come back and visit a little longer on some future trip. to read the full post

The Imperial Valley (La Mesa, California)

Journal entry for Sunday 23rd Dec, 2012 (day 172, miles 17,253)

A quiet night in the casino's gravel parking lot was followed by a bright but cool morning. A few 18-wheel trucks had joined the scattering of RV's over night but they were far enough away from us not to cause any noise disturbance; a nice change from rest areas. to read the full post

Snow in Mexico (Calexico, California)

Journal entry for Saturday 12th Jan, 2013 (day 192, miles 19795)

Three longish days of driving have carried us from Ciudad Constitucion in mid Baja to Calexico, California and while long driving days usually mean "nothing to say" that is not entirely the case here. If nothing else we managed to capture some photos on each of these days that are shared below, had conversations with every military checkpoint on the Baja and at the end of this period an interesting day along the US-Mexico border. to read the full post

The last leg (John Wilke Rest Area, California)

Journal entry for Wednesday 23rd Jan, 2013 (day 200, miles 20554)

The last leg - on our way back to Gig Harbor. During our stay in Phoenix and Quartzsite we worked on our applications for Russian Visas with the assistance of a visa agency. We finalized the paper work this morning and so our first stop today was the little town of Blythe, CA where we hoped to Fedex/UPS the paper work to that agency. Blythe turned into a bit of a mad-cap affair. On the door of the UPS office was a sign saying they are only open 2 hours a day - 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. We found a Fedex agent but their collection had already happened for the day. Finally at ACE Hardware (who it seems do small items only) we got the days UPS pickup. to read the full post

Death Valley in the rain (Death Valley, California)

Journal entry for Thursday 24th Jan, 2013 (day 204, miles 20760)

Grey sky and light rain greeted us this morning as we set out north to cross the Mojave on our way to Death Valley Junction. It felt strange to see this part of the country in the rain. Fresh mud, pools of standing water and evidence of water running over the roadway was a constant sight. There was even water running beside the road as we descended to our nights camp at Furnace Creek near the Death Valley visitors center. to read the full post

Bad Water - below the sea (Death Valley, California)

Journal entry for Friday 25th Jan, 2013 (day 205, miles 20869)

Our day started with the almost obligatory trip to the visitors center and the orientation film; which we would both classify as one of the better ones we have seen. Bad Water - the lowest point in the valley at -260 ft was next on the agenda and where, with a smattering of other visitors, we walked out a short way onto the vast salt pan. We were somewhat surprised by the texture of the surface of the pan as we expected it to be smooth perhaps with small ridges around where water had pooled. But it was actually a chaotic pattern of small salt uplifts (protrusions less than 1 foot high) mixed with mud. to read the full post