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Into Colorado (Strasburg KOA, Colombia)

Journal entry for Saturday 20th Oct, 2018 (day 23, miles 2,862)

Before getting underway this morning we could not resist a few more photos of our pleasant camping spot. Then it was "onward" with the plan of getting to the Denver area so that we would be within easy driving distance of La Junta for tomorrow. Along the way we made an extended stop at the Wyoming Visitor Center just before the Colorado border. Quite an impressive building and facilities. to read the full post

Ready for a week of truck work (La Junta, Colombia)

Journal entry for Sunday 21st Oct, 2018 (day 24, miles 3,014)

We spent the day making our way to La Junta, a long run east along I70 and then at the town of Limon south on state route 71. The run south along 71 was notable for the dryness of the country side. We would later hear that moisture (rain or snow) has been scarce in this part of the country for over a year. AS you can see from the photos we are in grain growing country. to read the full post

A week of maintenance and repairs (La Junta, Colombia)

Journal entry for Friday 26th Oct, 2018 (day 29, miles 3,014)

Late today, Friday, all the work was done and our "week of truck stuff" came to an end. Compared to the last time we were here in 2014 Rob's business seems much busier (which is good) with a number of other customers or at least customer vehicles requiring attention. to read the full post