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DCU (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Journal entry for Monday 18th Aug, 2014 (day 399, miles 6,162)

The final leg of the drive into Copenhagen was good, 4 lane motorway and weather that was the same as yesterday a mix of sun and heavy rain, but all in all an easy days driving. to read the full post

The half day tour and a new water tank (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Journal entry for Tuesday 19th Aug, 2014 (day 400, miles 6,162)

Our original plan was that today would be a sightseeing day with the main question being how much of Copenhagen could we squeeze into a single day. But the mornings check of email changed our plans somewhat. Overnight GXV responded to yesterdays enquiry with some info about getting a new hot water tank from the US but also gave me a name and phone number of a Webasto dealer in Bremmen that might be able to source the tank. Well the Bremmen phone number did not answer but by using their name and Google I was able to get a list of Webasto dealers worldwide and what do you know there was one in Copenhagen and they did answer the phone. And more over they knew the product I needed and had one in stock. So our sightseeing would be cut a little short so that we could go pickup the tank. to read the full post

That water tank (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Journal entry for Wednesday 20th Aug, 2014 (day 401, miles 5,774)

It would to accurate to say that I have long been nervous about the job of re-installing the hot water tank. That is one of the reasons I did not remove it to check it for leaks much sooner. I have been concerned that I would not be able to reconnect the engine coolant supply well enough to prevent leaks. That concern was based on the difficulty I foresaw of working in the tight confines under the kitchen sink, and because even the original installation had some very minor leaks - suggesting that it was difficult to make good connections. to read the full post

We are in Denmark (Aalborg, Denmark)

Journal entry for Sunday 21st Jun, 2015 (day 517, miles 11,300)

As the title says we crossed into Denmark today and discovered that the roadside rest stops often have RV dump and water facilities so that gave us an opportunity to fill our fresh water tank. It also turns out that some of them have nice picnic areas with individual parking spots beside a table and bench, so we picked one of those for the nights camp. About 100 km from Hirtshals and the ferry. to read the full post

Gathering for the ferry (Hirtshals, Denmark)

Journal entry for Monday 22nd Jun, 2015 (day 518, miles 11,364)

We only had a short drive today to the ferry port of Hirtshals. Even so it took us until early afternoon to get there. The slow progress was partly due to more shopping (those last minute food items, and some hardware pieces so that our fresh water hose will fit european faucets), but also due to crappy weather which put us in the mood to rest/doze rather than drive. to read the full post

First night on the ferry (Ferry, Denmark)

Journal entry for Tuesday 23rd Jun, 2015 (day 519, miles 11,364)

Boarding was scheduled for about 9:30 this morning, but as you can guess people were up, going and lining up in their vehicles well before that time. To add to the developing traffic jam the 30 or so vehicles that parked in the lot last night were joined by a steady stream of additional vehicles (many of them motorhomes). This abundance of vehicles quickly overwhelmed the official staging area and the traffic marshals resorted to parking the new arrivals in yet another gravel lot. When boarding finally started it was quite a crush unpacking the jam and getting everyone into an orderly line. But like many chaotic human activities it all worked out in the end. to read the full post

Iceland and Faroe, Finis! (Ustrup, Denmark)

Journal entry for Tuesday 28th Jul, 2015 (day 554, miles 14,565)

We idled away our last day on the Faroe Islands at the campground and then in the ferry line. In the process of returning to the ferry we managed to rack up our most expensive toll payment to date - Euro 50 for a return trip through a 3 km tunnel. Somehow that summarized the Faroe Islands for us. to read the full post