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The vehicle computer gave us a bit of a fright today. (Lewiston, Idaho)

Journal entry for Sunday 15th Mar, 2009 (day 2, miles 511)

Despite the regular noisy goods trains that punctuated the night, we slept well last night. For Nina that meant no iPods or radios were needed to induce sleep. Hope for her sake that is a portentous sign. to read the full post

Spokane River Walk (Beauty Creek Camp, Idaho)

Journal entry for Saturday 9th Jul, 2016 (day 4, miles 524)

Spokane's River Walk provided the setting for todays entertainment and exercise. In addition to a nice 3 mile walk we got some sun (warn not hot), were entertained by the ducks on the river, and marveled at the competitiveness of young children as they raced stroller-bikes around a temporary track in the park beside the river. For those of you (like us) that do not know what stroller bikes are - they are bicycles without pedals that are propelled by pushing ones feet against the ground. to read the full post

The Clearwater (Five Mile Creek Hwy 12, Idaho)

Journal entry for Monday 1st Oct, 2018 (day 4, miles 482)

We stopped for a long while in Lewiston this morning. The town has a nice skate park and walking trail beside the river. We took advantage of this facility, and the fine sunny weather, to undertake our daily exercises. I am on a regime of strengthening and stretching from my physical therapist and Nina is aiming to achieve her Apple Watch goal of 10,000 steps every day. to read the full post

Exploring around Orofino (Knife Edge River Access Hwy 12, Idaho)

Journal entry for Tuesday 2nd Oct, 2018 (day 5, miles 596)

We spent the day exploring the area south of Orofino along Idaho Highways 13 and 14 before starting the trek along Highway 12 towards Lolo Pass. The day was wet with light rain and this discouraged photos and encouraged an early stop. to read the full post

A little vehicle trouble (Suga City, Idaho)

Journal entry for Saturday 6th Oct, 2018 (day 9, miles 1153)

This morning our Webasto diesel heater would not start so we had to rely on the generator and a small electric heater to get our little house up to a comfortable temperature. To my surprise we also had difficulty getting the truck engine to start. Both these small problems were more than a little surprising as we were not at a particularly high altitude (only about 6,500 ft) and it was not particularly cold (33°F). Throughout the mornings travel both these problems persisted in a minor form. Both the heater and engine would start but would generate blue smoke for a while until full warmed up. Eventually in West Yellowstone I added some diesel anti-gel treatment to both tanks and we decided to bypass Yellowstone and the Tetons and head south towards Idaho Falls looking for lower altitude and slightly warmer temperatures until we were convinced the anti-gel treatment had done its job. to read the full post