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Lovely lake (Elk City SP, Kansas)

Journal entry for Friday 21st Sep, 2012 (day 79, miles 10603)

Our appointment in Colorado has been put back a day allowing us to have a lazy day. We pulled into Elk City State Park early and spent a pleasant afternoon beside the lake in summer like temperatures. Nina busied herself putting route lines on the new map while I continued the study of my new electrical device (FLEXnet) and tried to work out how our sophisticated charging equipment works. to read the full post

Visitors, the plains (Cheney SP, Kansas)

Journal entry for Saturday 22nd Sep, 2012 (day 80, miles 10757)

This morning we had a rush of visitors curious about the truck. We noticed last night that a number of our fellow campers were looking at us and our yellow truck and were a little surprised that none approached us. But by this morning curiosity had overcome any reluctance and we had more than 20 people drop by over a period of an hour. It is a while since we had such a large group in one place asking us questions. As always the visitors are curious, but polite, and as always we tell our story, show the vehicle and also seek to be polite and friendly. The way we see it; if we did not want visitors we should have chosen a different truck and different color. to read the full post

Metal art, Milo(?) crops, and a little bit of 4x4 (Hamilton County SP, Kansas)

Journal entry for Sunday 23rd Sep, 2012 (day 82, miles 11000)

We are beginning to feel the effects of the time of year. The sun seemed late to rise this morning and the morning air was fresh (could not call it cool/cold yet). We were on the road by 7:30am continuing west through more pretty Kansas country side; though now the land is flat and a little drier than previous days. At Mullinville, KS we passed a fence decorated with metal "art" - it seems to represent the property owners impressions of various people. Throughout the day we passed lots of fields with a low crop with brown tops (photos 4 and 5). A lady at the Wichita Visitors Center suggested it was milo, but I guess we were not convinced, so a bit of internet research revealed that the crop is sorghum and is nicknamed milo. to read the full post

A little hiccup and feed lots (Garden City, Kansas)

Journal entry for Saturday 27th Oct, 2018 (day 30, miles 3346)

We had a bit of a hiccup this morning. We stayed in the parking lot at Terry Lee Ent. last night and headed east this morning. But a little way into our drive we discovered that our new exhaust system needed a bit of adjustment. So back to La Junta where Rob was waiting to spend a couple of hours of his Saturday getting us ship-shape. to read the full post