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Yellowstone (Avon, MN)

Journal entry for Friday 16th Jun, 2017 (day 93, miles 77956)

Yellowstone National Park really is a scenic treasures. Even on a grey wet day like today the animals, the mountains and the rivers make it a feast for the soul. This morning we crossed the Northern part of the park from the junction with 212 to the Northern Entrance and while we were really only transiting on our way to Bozeman we could not help but want to stop and take photos. As you can see the animals conspired to feed our temptation. to read the full post

Friends near Eureka (Eureka, MN)

Journal entry for Saturday 17th Jun, 2017 (day 94, miles 78556)

We passed through a lot of interesting scenic country today as we made our way to Rexford MT (near Eureka) to visit our friends. It is pretty clear that had we not been so close to the end of this journey we would have spent more time traversing this interesting route. to read the full post