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Photogenic little ctitters (Norton CG, MT)

Journal entry for Wednesday 13th Jul, 2016 (day 8, miles 1060)

As you can see from the photos we spent a pleasant little interlude with a village of prairie dogs (I think they are prairie dogs?), we got their photos and they got bread. Seems like a reasonable trade, we guess "feeding the critters" is a common activity at this rest area (summit of Lolo Pass Hwy 12 MT). to read the full post

A couple of big horns (Lower Seymor Lake, MT)

Journal entry for Thursday 14th Jul, 2016 (day 9, miles 1163)

This morning we followed a picturesque, but sometimes primitive, road along the banks of Rock Creek (in the Rock Creek Recreation Area, part of Beaverhead Deer Lodge NF). Beautiful scenery, perfect weather and even a couple of big horn sheep (making the most of a 'lick' left by a local farmer). to read the full post

Shoshone Canyon (KOA Billings, MT)

Journal entry for Tuesday 9th Oct, 2018 (day 12, miles 1619)

It was cold outside this morning, 24°F at 8:00 when we finally decided to get out of bed. But the diesel heater worked all night so we were comfortable inside our yellow box. And thanks to that same diesel heater I was able to warm the engine and get it started first try. I am now quite confused about the cause of the isses we have had with the truck engine and diesel heater. to read the full post

Business/lazy day (KOA Billings, MT)

Journal entry for Wednesday 10th Oct, 2018 (day 13, miles 1636)

As you can see we spent an additional day in the Billings KOA. Sometimes it is just nice to hang around and do nothing. Particularly when there are nice facilities. to read the full post