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Corn harvesting (Ohrid, Macedonia)

Journal entry for Friday 31st Oct, 2014 (day 473, miles 8,356)

Today we headed towards the Macedonian town of Ohrid situated on a lake of the same name. As it turned out the route we chose followed a series of narrow country roads through active farming areas. There may have been a more major road to our destination but it would have required us backtracking almost all the way to Tirana. to read the full post

A castle and cobbled streets (Ohrid, Macedonia)

Journal entry for Saturday 1st Nov, 2014 (day 474, miles 8,356)

Todays activity was a visit to, and a little sightseeing in, the nearby town/city of Ohrid. The campground host organized us a taxi into Ohrid and gave us a couple of business cards so that on the return journey we could explain our destination. to read the full post

A Best Western parking lot (Skopje, Macedonia)

Journal entry for Sunday 2nd Nov, 2014 (day 475, miles 8,477)

Today we made our way to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. An unremarkable drive except perhaps for the bright autumn sunshine that eventually appeared to push away a morning mist. As we approached Skopje the highway turned into a motorway (or at least a toll-way) though in no way was it European standard. After a few toll stations and lots of pot holes we began to think that the road was more of an employment system for locals. There seemed to be a toll booth every 5 km or so. to read the full post