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A day following the Clearwater River through Lolo Pass, with lots of snow. (Missoula, Montana)

Journal entry for Monday 16th Mar, 2009 (day 3, miles 767)

We took our time getting under way this morning as we decided to enjoy the amenities of the Hells Gate campground, a nice warm (?) shower, paved walking track and beautiful setting. to read the full post

An interlude with our son Richard in Bozeman Montana. (Bozeman, Montana)

Journal entry for Tuesday 17th Mar, 2009 (day 4, miles 950)

We woke to the noise of semi-trailers, they were also parked in the rest area with us, and about 4 inches of fresh snow. The storm that dropped snow on us yesterday along the Clearwater was still in force last night. to read the full post

On our way again after our visit in Bozeman (Red Mountain Camp Ground, Montana)

Journal entry for Friday 20th Mar, 2009 (day 7, miles 1010)

A very short drive today. We spent most of the day saying our good byes to Rick and Lizzie and finishing some last minute business chores. to read the full post

An excursion through some Montana history along the Road Agents Trail. (Bannack, Montana)

Journal entry for Saturday 21st Mar, 2009 (day 8, miles 1134)

Our day started with a stroll down the streets of Virginia City, an old gold town that is being maintained as both a historic site and a living town. Some interesting old buildings displayed a way of life that is now gone. Not far from Virginia City is the town of Nevada City an even smaller town again with a good collection of late 1800 buildings and a lot of railway relics and a workshop in which some locals maintain a train that runs from Virginia City to Nevada City. Both these towns were major centers of gold production in the late 1800's and at one point Virginia City was the capital of the Montana Territory. to read the full post

Our journey through Montana history continued (Missoula, Montana)

Journal entry for Sunday 22nd Mar, 2009 (day 9, miles 1329)

From our camp at Bannack State Park we returned to highway 278 and through Big Hole Pass and into the Big Hole River valley. Winter had not yet departed from the valley. There was a carpet of snow across all the fields and the whole valley was white, except where it was dotted with cows and hay. to read the full post

Our first repair day (Missoula, Montana)

Journal entry for Monday 23rd Mar, 2009 (day 10, miles 1339)

Well the pump repair did not work. This morning when we investigated the area under the seat, it was wet, and it seemed to be newly wet. A bit more investigation and it was clear, the pump was still leaking. A new one was in order. to read the full post

It's not camping without a camp fire; in that case today was our first day of real camping. (Thompson Lake, Montana)

Journal entry for Tuesday 24th Mar, 2009 (day 11, miles 1496)

The saga of the leaking water system continued this morning. to read the full post

A BIG change in plans, and a push to Phoenix (Holter Lake, Montana)

Journal entry for Saturday 6th Jun, 2009 (day 85, miles 14728)

A light dusting of fresh snow greeted us this morning and although we did not know it when we woke this would be a very appropriate farewell from Canada nicely bookending our time in Canada and the north; snow when we arrived - snow when we departed. to read the full post

Lolo Pass (KOA Missoula, Montana)

Journal entry for Wednesday 3rd Oct, 2018 (day 6, miles 708)

We had some business to take care of so we set off early towards Lolo pass with the goal of getting to Missoula, a campground, wifi and enough time to "take care of business". The day turned out to be sunny which made the drive up Hwy 12 to Lolo Pass quite picturesque. There were long sections of new pavement which made driving very pleasant. But this was offset by a number of delays due to single lane sections where road crews were at work. to read the full post

A rude awakening (Suba, Montana)

Journal entry for Thursday 4th Oct, 2018 (day 7, miles 799)

As the reader will deduce from the photos, today brought grey skies and rain. After dithering around in Missoula for a long time we eventually got a late start heading south along Hwy 93. Fall colors were out in force but the lack of nice light and water on the lens reduced the opportunity for nice photos to zero. to read the full post

First snows (Near Ennis, Montana)

Journal entry for Friday 5th Oct, 2018 (day 8, miles 972)

This morning was a real treat. From our overnight spot we climbed steeply to Lost Trail Pass and were delighted to find ourselves amongst fresh snow, quite a few inches of the nice fluffy white stuff. Despite having lived in the US (a place where snow is not uncommon) for 20 years we still have the typical Australian reaction to this "exotic" stuff. After Lost Trail the road towards Wisdom, MT climbed a little higher to Chief Joseph Pass before dropping out of the mountains and eventually the Big Hole Battlefield Memorial, and the cafe in Wisdom. to read the full post

Big Horn Canyon (Fort Smith, Montana)

Journal entry for Thursday 11th Oct, 2018 (day 14, miles 1766)

As the title says, today we visited the northern end of Big Horn Canyon. Our route took us through miles of grass lands and Crow Indian Reservation before finishing in the small town of Fort Smith. At this time of year the town is gearing up for for fishing. There are many fishing lodges around the town and drift boats on trails were very common. to read the full post