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Cemetery (Hwy 5 West of Cavalier, ND)

Journal entry for Tuesday 11th Oct, 2016 (day 78, miles 8272)

It was still raining this morning when we woke in the parking lot at Winnipeg airport so we were quite keen to get going in the hope that the weather would be better farther south. That was not to be however. Once across the border into the US we left the interstate highway and followed a series of rural roads with intermittent heavy rain. It seemed to be harvesting season for some kind of root crop in this part of North Dakota and the harvesting process covered the rural roads with a nice layer of slippery mud. to read the full post

Country North Dakota (New Rockford, ND)

Journal entry for Wednesday 12th Oct, 2016 (day 79, miles 8434)

Better weather today as we continued south through ND along rural roads and flat farming country. The crops have changed a bit, more grain, and no sign of the root crops I thought we saw yesterday. to read the full post

Sunflowers (Tschedia Lake, ND)

Journal entry for Thursday 13th Oct, 2016 (day 80, miles 8647)

Nina started the day with a longish walk around the campground and local area (and has included a bunch of photos of last nights camping spot in todays entry). Another sunny day and again we are traveling south through ND. Today we passed many fields of sunflower that seem completely dried out and are a dark brown color. Initially when we saw the first of these fields from a distance we thought it was freshly plowed ground. to read the full post