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Starting the final leg (Beatty, Nevada)

Journal entry for Monday 11th Oct, 2010 (day 577, miles 59069)

It seemed to take forever to get past the Phoenix metropolitan area and then we were into the deserts of western Arizona and eventually Nevada. to read the full post

Scotty's Castle? (Hawthorne, Nevada)

Journal entry for Saturday 26th Jan, 2013 (day 206, miles 21081)

The weather was improved this morning so we decided to do a little more exploring before leaving the valley. First on our agenda was the Race Track, a dried mud pan where large boulders move across the surface of the pan under the influence of some force that is not understood. However this objective was abandoned when we realized that it would require 50 miles of very rough road. We consoled ourselves with a visit to the Ubehebe Crater (formed about 2000 years ago by a steam explosion resulting from hot magma interacting with ground water) before heading onto Scotty's Castle. to read the full post

Casino Dinner! (Reno, Nevada)

Journal entry for Sunday 27th Jan, 2013 (day 207, miles 21233)

The weather was clear but cold as we left Hawthorne and traveled beside Walker Lake this morning but before long we were again driving through snow covered country side and as we entered Fallon snow started to fall. On into Reno the snow persisted and we started to worry about road condition in the mountains and our chances of getting over to I-5. to read the full post