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Back in the US (Massena, New York)

Journal entry for Tuesday 6th Jun, 2017 (day 84, miles 75,234)

The weather was still wet this morning and got worse as the day progressed. The poor weather has diminished our enthusiasm for exploration and now we are thinking of increasing our pace and getting back to Gig Harbor a little earlier. to read the full post

Nice weather (Fair Haven SP, New York)

Journal entry for Wednesday 7th Jun, 2017 (day 85, miles 75,430)

Today we followed minor highways generally paralleling the St Lawrence river in up-state New York. Lots of quaint little towns and small farms. Finally the weather has improved and there is a sense of summer in the air. We saw lots of evidence today of recent flooding with the water still quite high whenever we got near the waters edge. to read the full post

Niagara! (Angola Hwy 90, New York)

Journal entry for Thursday 8th Jun, 2017 (day 86, miles 75,613)

Another fine day, so we celebrated the sun by taking a long walk around the campground and the nearby break-water before getting underway for the day. More minor highways, more quaint little towns as we followed the southern shore of Lake Ontario. But the highpoint of the day was Niagara Falls. On that subject I will let the photos do the talking. to read the full post