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Border crossing and ring route (Bucharest, Romania)

Journal entry for Friday 7th Nov, 2014 (day 480, miles 9,113)

Today was "just a driving day", from Varna to Bucharest and for much of the morning this required back-tracking over yesterdays route generally through farming country. The day did not really get interesting until the Bulgarian-Romanian border. to read the full post

The Palace of Partliament (Bucharest, Romania)

Journal entry for Saturday 8th Nov, 2014 (day 481, miles 9,113)

A tour of Bucharest was the order for today. Last night we had been briefed by some other campers about the process of catching a bus into the city and the fact that we would need our passports to visit the Palace of Parliament. So around 9:00 we headed off on foot to the local shopping mall to find the bus into the city. Along the way we discovered that our route took us right past the US Embassy. to read the full post

Dracula Country (Bran (Castle), Romania)

Journal entry for Sunday 9th Nov, 2014 (day 482, miles 9,214)

We got an early start today headed north towards the region of Romania called Transylvania and maybe a look at one of the "Dracula" Castles. It did not take long to notice two things. The first was the signs, indicating that trucks should not be driving on the roads on Sundays (today) and secondly the large number of cars and the high level of activity in some of the smaller villages. to read the full post

Just driving along (West of Deva, Romania)

Journal entry for Monday 10th Nov, 2014 (day 483, miles 9,419)

There is not much to say about today, we drove, making our way towards Serbia and the capital Belgrad. But we did not get that far today. to read the full post

The Danube (Belgrad, Romania)

Journal entry for Tuesday 11th Nov, 2014 (day 484, miles 9,606)

As we approached the Romanian-Serbian border this morning we had the usual discussion as to whether we would join the line for cars/buses or the line for trucks and how would the border staff respond to us being in the car lane. to read the full post