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Scotland (Balloch, Scotland)

Journal entry for Thursday 10th Sep, 2015 (day 598, miles 16,693)

The day dawned bright and sunny so Nina insisted that we get going early to make the best of (what the weather report identified as) a limited window of good weather before un-ending rain sets in. to read the full post

A Day in Camp (Balloch, Scotland)

Journal entry for Friday 11th Sep, 2015 (day 598, miles 16,693)

Today was a bit of a rest day. A nice camp ground, a sunny day and a few chores to do so we decided to hang around in Balloch for the day. to read the full post

A glimpse of Downton (Oban, Scotland)

Journal entry for Sunday 13th Sep, 2015 (day 601, miles 16,693)

As it turned out we spent a couple of rest days at the Balloch camp ground, but I guess that is OK because this is not supposed to be work - right. We had a nice drive along the famous Loch Lomond before turning off through Rest and be Thankful passto Loch Fyne and the town of Inveraray. As we would later discover there are a number of passes called "Rest and Be Thankful". In the days of stage coaches these passes required that 2nd and 3rd class passengers to get out and push the coach (with 1st class passengers still inside). to read the full post

Mull and Iona (Oban, Scotland)

Journal entry for Monday 14th Sep, 2015 (day 602, miles 16,776)

Today we did a self guided tour to the islands of Mull and Iona. A 45 minute ferry ride from Oban to Mull, a 1 and 1/2 hour bus ride across Mull followed by a short ferry ride to Iona. This is such a very common tourist excursion that you can buy all the required tickets (and return) in a single package at almost every shop in the town of Oban. to read the full post

Glencoe (Glencoe, Scotland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 15th Sep, 2015 (day 603, miles 16,813)

We traveled only a short distance today along Loch Linnhe to the famous village of Glencoe. Why famous? Firstly for a famous massacre. In 1692 a group of British Red Coats and members of the Campbell clan arrived in the valley and were sheltered by the local Macdonald clan for 12 days. At the end of their stay the Campbell's and Red Coats killed 38 of their hosts. to read the full post

Curling stones, and clothes pegs (Loch Lochy, Scotland)

Journal entry for Wednesday 16th Sep, 2015 (day 604, miles 16,858)

As you can see from todays photos, it was quite picturesque at the campground this morning, sunny, glass smooth water, and birds on the Loch. The good weather encouraged us to stay around Glencoe until almost noon and thus gave Nina a chance for a short hike to a local man made lake and a visit to the local cultural museum. We were both interested to see the old curling stone and see how modern machining has changed that particular toy. The old (apparently hand made) clothes pegs were pretty interesting also. to read the full post

Hogwarts Express (Invergarry, Scotland)

Journal entry for Thursday 17th Sep, 2015 (day 605, miles 17,029)

This morning after driving for 20 miles or so we realized we had made a bit of a research mistake and so had to retrace our steps back to For William. The mistake was to do with the location of the West Highlands Railway. A section of track that still runs steam engines on some trains and the train that was used in the Harry Potter series as the Hogwarts Express. We had mistakenly thought that this railway line was on the Ilse of Skye but this morning we discovered that it runs from Fort William to the ferry port of Mallaig. to read the full post

Peat, crofting and Bonnie Prince Charles (Sligachan (Ilse of Skye), Scotland)

Journal entry for Friday 18th Sep, 2015 (day 606, miles 17,172)

Today was a fabulous day, one of the most visually stunning days of our travels. We spent it circumnavigating the Trotternish Peninsula on the Ilse of Skye and while the scenery was picturesque the light (for some reason) had a special quality that made every view stunning. to read the full post

A trail through the wilderness (Loch Maree, Scotland)

Journal entry for Saturday 19th Sep, 2015 (day 607, miles 17,259)

Today we followed some of the Ross Coastal Trail, a single track road that runs through the coastal moors of the Western Ross region. There were long stretches of what felt like wilderness but in fact the road was quite popular with numbers of sport car and motorcycle enthusiasts out experiencing the exhilarating driving of the narrow road. For us and our yellow truck the travel was slow as the pavement was generally only just wide enough to get all 4 wheels on it at the same time. How I would have loved to have been on a motorcycle, they were zipping along at 2-3 times our speed. to read the full post

Another trail through the wilderness (Little Assynt - Leitir Easaidh, Scotland)

Journal entry for Sunday 20th Sep, 2015 (day 608, miles 17,364)

The center point of todays travel was to be a "backroad" from Ullapool to Lochinver that we learned about at the SRMN meeting in Blackmore. It was described to us as "picturesque". And indeed it was. Like the single track roads of the past few days it was quite outside our experience elsewhere in the world. Usually wilderness roads are gravel and dirt, and often with pot holes, washboards and dust or mud. But this wilderness road was paved, though narrow - usually only 8-9 feet wide, except for the regular passing places. The reason for the pavement though is pretty obvious as the surrounding country side is mostly moor or peat bog so without the pavement the road would probably not survive. to read the full post

Smoo Cave (Eriboll, Scotland)

Journal entry for Monday 21st Sep, 2015 (day 820, miles 17,426)

We started the day with overcast sky, drizzle and biting insects and finished it camped beside Loch Eriboll, in bright sunshine, a gentle breeze and no bities. In between we traveled slowly along single track roads across the northwest corner of Scotland to the remote and sparsely inhabited north coast, really a pretty drive. to read the full post

End of the earth (Thurso, Scotland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 22nd Sep, 2015 (day 610, miles 17,491)

We made it to the little town of Thurso on the north coast of Scotland this afternoon, quite a cute little town, but not so cute weather. We had expected to catch a ferry from this place to Orkney tomorrow morning and spend a day or so there seeing some of the archeological sites. But on finding out that the ferry ride would cost us something like $400 we decided on a one day bus tour (from the town of John O'Groats) as a better alternative. to read the full post

Most northerly point (John O'Groats, Scotland)

Journal entry for Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2015 (day 611, miles 17,523)

This morning after checking out the tourist information center, a display on the local nuclear power station, getting some money and other such chores we headed along the north coast towards the town of John O'Groats. to read the full post

The Queen Mother (John O'Groats, Scotland)

Journal entry for Thursday 24th Sep, 2015 (day 612, miles 17,523)

We spent a day sightseeing around the area. Since the weather was not bad we started our day with a walk along the sea cliffs at the nearby Duncansby Head and lighthouse. to read the full post

Orkney (John O'Groats, Scotland)

Journal entry for Friday 25th Sep, 2015 (day 613, miles 17,523)

Today we took the Maxi Bus Tour of Orkney. A bus tour is not something we do often but this one turned out to be quite successful. Showing us a lot of things in a single day. As it turned out there was a lot to learn about Orkney. to read the full post

Trees and a full campground (Mountgerald, Scotland)

Journal entry for Saturday 26th Sep, 2015 (day 614, miles 17,695)

We departed the North coast of Scotland today heading towards a nice seaside campground a little north of the city of Inverness. It probably was a nice campground too as when we got there it was full, no space for us, so we had to go find ourselves a roadside pull off for the night. to read the full post

We did not see Nessie (Nairn, Scotland)

Journal entry for Sunday 27th Sep, 2015 (day 615, miles 17,792)

We spent today driving along the road beside Loch Ness. We had been told that the best view of the loch was to be had by driving the road North to South and so thats what we did, from Inverness to Fort Augustus and then back again. However in truth the view was not great in either direction as trees block the view from the road for almost all of the drive. to read the full post

A battle field and stone cairns (Nairn, Scotland)

Journal entry for Monday 28th Sep, 2015 (day 616, miles 17,792)

We did a bit of sightseeing today. The battle field of Culloden is close to Nairn so that is where we went first. I had already mentioned the events associated with this place when we were on the Isle of Skye as this is where the battle took place that Bonnie Prince Charlie had to escape from. to read the full post

A beautiful coastal day (Fraserburgh, Scotland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 29th Sep, 2015 (day 828, miles 17,920)

We followed along the coast from Nairn today, with some great coastal scenes and quaint villages alternating with pastoral areas of golden grain and rich brown newly plowed fields. All of this in glorious sunshine and one of the warmest days we have experienced in Britain. to read the full post

Yet, another beautiful day (Aboyne, Scotland)

Journal entry for Wednesday 30th Sep, 2015 (day 618, miles 17,992)

Before getting underway today there was a little chore to do, replacing the water filter in the campers water system. I have not done this in a long time and it is well over due. The process requires emptying all the "stuff" we have stored in the locker under the bed. Thus the exercise turned in to a bit of a spring clean, even though it is autumn. to read the full post

A visit to Balmoral (sort of) (Bridge of Cally, Scotland)

Journal entry for Thursday 1st Oct, 2015 (day 619, miles 18,099)

Weather wise today was another glorious autumn day, but I needed a new, non weather related title, and Balmoral Castle provided that. About mid morning we pulled into one of the large parking lots to find only a few other tourists. Unfortunately at this time of year the Queen and family are living at Balmoral and hence it is closed to the public, hence no tourists. One cannot even get a glimpse of the place thanks to high fences and forests. Thats why there is a photo of a post card, thats the only way we could get a pic of the castle itself. The area is very picturesque. to read the full post

"Glamis" (St Andrews, Scotland)

Journal entry for Friday 2nd Oct, 2015 (day 831, miles 18,152)

Nina has been reading about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, that was one of the main reasons we visited The Castle of Mey. Well today it was time for Glamis Castle, the then and still family home of the Bowes Lyon family and the childhood home of the Queen Mother. To say that the grounds and castle were magnificent would be an understatement. And of course that response was only heightened by the bright sunny day. It was interesting to tour around parts of the castle, see that it is still in day to day use as a family home, yet see portraits of past Kings of England and other notables hanging on the wall. Not what I have on the wall of my lounge room. Fascinatingly this castle and estate has been in the hands of this family (with changes to the family name along the way due to marriage) since the 1300s. I cannot imagine how that would change ones attitude to "a family home". to read the full post

A wee bit of the Dunhill (St Andrews, Scotland)

Journal entry for Saturday 3rd Oct, 2015 (day 621, miles 18,152)

We were a bit amazed this morning to find that the Dunhill Cup is being played on the Old Course and that today entry to the event is FREE. What amazing luck. Needless to say we took advantage of this and spent a number of short sessions watching the game, mostly from the grand stand at the 18th, where incidentally (due to the good weather) we saw numerous birdies. to read the full post

Forth of Firth Bridges (Edinburg, Scotland)

Journal entry for Sunday 4th Oct, 2015 (day 622, miles 18,202)

It was only a short, and easy, drive today from St Andrews to the Caravan Club camping ground in Edinburgh. Not much to comment about along the way just some rural roads and then motorways. However the Firth of Forth and the bridges that span it were a bit of a surprise. The water way itself (Edinburgh sits on the southern shore) was larger than I had expected. It is currently spanned by a rail bridge and a separate road bridge, both of which are impressively large. However the new bridge that is being constructed looks absolutely enormous. to read the full post

A little business in town (Edinburg, Scotland)

Journal entry for Monday 5th Oct, 2015 (day 623, miles 18,202)

Today was a pretty typical city day for us. Find the local transport into the city (bus in this case) and figure out how the ticket system works then explore the city area including finding the tourist info center, generally get the lay of the land and do a few boring chores - like new batteries for my multi-meter. to read the full post

The Castle, and HMY Britannia (Edinburg, Scotland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 6th Oct, 2015 (day 624, miles 18,202)

Our priority this morning was a visit to The Castle, and we were not disappointed. It is certainly an impressive building and helps one appreciate that Scotland has a long history of being more than a piece of Britain. Of course the place was over run with other tourists (not just us). I was surprised to find that American sailors were imprisoned in the Castle during the war of Independence and unlike their counterparts from European countries such as France were not treated as prisoners of war but as pirates. to read the full post

Tummy troubles (Jedburgh, Scotland)

Journal entry for Friday 9th Oct, 2015 (day 627, miles 18,277)

You have probably never heard of the Scots town of Jedburgh, and in truth until Wed of this week neither had we. We arrived here Wed. Nina was not feeling well so we found the local campground and took a spot thinking that a nights rest would solve her problem (a bit of a tummy issue). However it was not to be. So we have now spent 3 nights here. Visited one of the local the doctors twice, had a visit from the regional nursing service and spent way too much time with the local pharmacist. But Nina's problem seems to be on the mend so tomorrow we will recommence the drive south to the ferry to the Netherlands. to read the full post

Indirectly to Canada!! (Glasgow, Scotland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 30th May, 2017 (day 77, miles 74,366)

Monday morning we said our goodbyes to Jessica and Brendon and caught a train into the heart of the Bank Holiday weekend British Airways debacle at Gatwick Airport (but experienced no problems ourselves). From there an easy flight with Easyjet delivered us to Glasgow late on a wet cool afternoon. Glasgow is on the itinerary as it was the only place in the UK from which we could get a direct flight to (without going via Toronto) Halifax Canada, our next stop and where we hope we will be re-united with out yellow truck. to read the full post