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We need a receipt for accommodation tonight (Summit, South Dakota)

Journal entry for Thursday 19th Jul, 2012 (day 15, miles 2411)

Tomorrow we will apply for South Dakota drivers licenses in the town of Watertown, to meet the documentation requirements we must stay tonight in some form of South Dakota accommodation that will give us a receipt. Hence we picked a commercial campground in the town of Summit about 30 miles north of Watertown. to read the full post

Grassland and Museum (Angostura Reservoir, South Dakota)

Journal entry for Tuesday 13th Jun, 2017 (day 90, miles 77177)

More nice weather and a change of scenery today. We are now in the grasslands. The change in scenery happened quite quickly as all of a sudden we noticed that we were traveling amidst rolling grass covered hills that stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction. to read the full post