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Montana and Utah - fast!! (Yuba Lake, Utah)

Journal entry for Sunday 7th Jun, 2009 (day 86, miles 15364)

Today was one of contrast, this morning driving through Helena, MT there was fresh snow on the ground and occasional flurries and by the afternoon at Lake Yuba the temperature was nudging 90°F, people were boating and swimming and we were worrying about how to stay cool. to read the full post

Cold start, warm finish (Bushy Basin Rim, Utah)

Journal entry for Saturday 13th Oct, 2012 (day 101, miles 12711)

Our first touch of winter continued overnight. This morning there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and the temperature was 27°F. As we dropped down out of the mountains to the town of Dolores (SW Colorado) the scenery confirmed the approaching winter, the remaining leaves are deep red colors, the Aspens are mostly bare, and temperature stayed in the low 30s. Along the way the countryside changed from mountains to sandstone canyons. From Dolores a short drive took us to Hovenweep National Monument were we walked around the rim of a small canyon and looked at the ruins of stone buildings from the 1200's. The people that built these are the descendants of the people of Chaco. While at Hovenweep the sun made an appearance and the temperature climbed into the 50s. to read the full post

Gooseberry Rd (Mormon Pasture, Utah)

Journal entry for Sunday 14th Oct, 2012 (day 102, miles 12784)

Today was spent "trying out" the truck. Our first experiment was actually to get down off our ridge top camp. The short, steep, narrow descent to highway 95 proved to be a non event but re-enforced one of yesterdays lessons; namely - over rough roads one must travel slowly. Our first stop for the day was a valley called Comb Wash were we encountered some narrow sandy trails, and a small creek crossing. The truck handled all the small obstacles without raising a sweat. to read the full post

Beef Basin Rd (Bushy Basin Rim, Utah)

Journal entry for Monday 15th Oct, 2012 (day 103, miles 12875)

The second leg of our forest route continued North towards highway 211 and Canyonland. After a short climb out of our camp site the road traveled for a couple of hours along the rim of a number of canyons through low Juniper forests affording us great views of red sandstone cliffs, rocks valleys and Canyonland to the North. to read the full post