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Black Hills (Sheridan, WY)

Journal entry for Wednesday 14th Jun, 2017 (day 91, miles 77441)

We could not help but notice that Angostura Reservoir had a number of really nice campgrounds - spacious and well maintained. A few photos below don't really do the place justice. Once underway we headed north and west through the little town of Hot Springs SD and then into Wyoming through the town of Newcastle. This route took us through the picturesque Black Hills. I show my age by admitting that I cannot think of the name "Black Hills" without hearing Doris Day as Calamity Jane singing "The Black Hills of Dakota" in my head. to read the full post

Bear day (Custer State Forest CG, WY)

Journal entry for Thursday 15th Jun, 2017 (day 92, miles 77671)

Today promised to be a scenic day and did not disappoint. The first leg out of Sheridan took us to Dayton and then west along Alt14 and a spectacular climb through the Big Horn National Forest before an equally spectacular descent to Lovell. There after a brief interlude following the Sidon Canal and we arrived in Powell MT. The final stretch of the day was Highway 296 also known as Chief Joseph Scenic Byway which connects with the Highway 212 (The Beartooth Highway) at the North Eastern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. to read the full post

Farms, Fog and Mountains (Grand Tetons, WY)

Journal entry for Sunday 7th Oct, 2018 (day 10, miles 1249)

We got off to a good start this morning. The heater, generator and truck all started as they should, and the sun was out providing very good light as we drove east through farm country. Near the town of Driggs we ran into a very dense and extended patch of fog which had largely dissipated by the time we stopped for some exercise on the walking/cycle trail at Victor. Then over Teton Pass to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. to read the full post

Perfect photo weather (East Entrance Yellowstone, WY)

Journal entry for Monday 8th Oct, 2018 (day 11, miles 1449)

The day started bright and sunny, with no clouds, so we were up somewhat earlier than usual to take advantage of the great photo opportunities. This theme continued throughout the day and we spent more time on the road than would be usual for us as we wanted to cover our targeted areas of both the Tetons and Yellowstone while the good weather lasted. to read the full post

Cow country (Hawk Springs SRA, WY)

Journal entry for Friday 19th Oct, 2018 (day 22, miles 2656)

We made another visit to Hot Springs this morning before getting on our way. Nina wanted a few more photos and the town offered a good trail for her daily walk. Thereafter we spent a pleasant day driving through miles and miles of open grass lands. to read the full post