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We are in our final week of preparation. (Inside the final week, Washington)

Journal entry for Tuesday 10th Mar, 2009 (day 4, miles 0)

Finally we are in the last week before departing and Nina is telling me it's time to get all that test data off the web site, so that we don't confuse friends and family. to read the full post

We are on our way. (Gig Harbor, Washington)

Journal entry for Saturday 14th Mar, 2009 (day 1, miles 272)

We are (finally) on our way. to read the full post

Back into Washington on our way to Canada (Spokane-Alderwood RV Resort, Washington)

Journal entry for Wednesday 25th Mar, 2009 (day 12, miles )

We woke to a light covering of fresh snow, maybe an inch, the last traces of the fire sending up little wisps of smoke, and blue sky above the low cloud or mist that was swirling around. Back on the road everything was covered in fresh snow, and the morning light was making it all glisten. It was a very pleasant drive into Libby to read the full post

The first of our business days (Spokane-Wal Mart parking lot, Washington)

Journal entry for Thursday 26th Mar, 2009 (day 13, miles 1786)

There is not much to say about this day. We got the vehicle to Car Toys at the scheduled time and they had fixed the issue within half an hour. to read the full post

Today we found out about the yellow bellied marmots in Lincoln Rock Park (Lincoln Rock State Park, Washington)

Journal entry for Friday 27th Mar, 2009 (day 14, miles 1934)

The Wal Mart parking lot proved to be a most adequate place to sleep. You would not call it a great camping spot. Certainly not the kind of place you would want to sit in a camp chair, next to the motor home and drink a beer, but flat, safe and relatively quiet. Also in the morning a short stroll to the store provided very clean and warm rest rooms. to read the full post

Home (Home, Washington)

Journal entry for Wednesday 13th Oct, 2010 (day 579, miles 60029)

We drove into Southern Oregon from our camp in a rest stop on the I-5 while it was still dark. The day dawned slowly, through some early fog into a spectacularly sunny North West day; a relatively rare event - it was as if fate was welcoming us home. The weather continued fine all the way to our home south of Seattle. We had spectacular views of the various mountains (Hood, St Helens, and Rainier). to read the full post

On the road again! (Federal Way, Washington)

Journal entry for Thursday 5th Jul, 2012 (day 1, miles 20)

After weeks of work preparing ourselves, the vehicle and our house for a 6 month trip we are finally underway. to read the full post

Repairs in a parking lot (Chehalis, Washington)

Journal entry for Thursday 31st Jan, 2013 (day 211, miles 20554)

So what to do with the day, that was our big question this morning, given that we were a day a head of schedule. The answer turned out to be spend almost the entire day in a Home Depot parking lot doing some repairs to the camper cabinets. Over the last week or so we have been like the walking wounded so today seemed like an opportune day to fix some things. to read the full post

Start of a "mini adventure" (Rasar State Park, Hwy 20, Washington)

Journal entry for Wednesday 6th Jul, 2016 (day 1, miles 138)

Nina and I are about start what I think of as a mini adventure. Between now and November we plan on doing some traveling in our Earthroamer. As is often the case for us the route is not well specified but will probably include a lot of time in the Western US and Western Canada. The goal of this exercise is entertainment and relaxation while my leg recovers enough to allow us to get back into the Unimog with its manual transmission and heavy clutch. to read the full post

Re-introduction to the Cascades (Kilpchuck Forest Camp Hwy 20, Washington)

Journal entry for Thursday 7th Jul, 2016 (day 2, miles 237)

It is quit a few years since we last traveled highway 20 so today was by way of a re-introduction for us to the forests and spectacular mountains of the North Cascades, not to mention a dramatic change in climate from our recent months in Phoenix. to read the full post

Did I mention recuperation (Jone Bay Lake Roosevelt, Washington)

Journal entry for Friday 8th Jul, 2016 (day 3, miles 393)

Last night camping spot (and its network of trails) gave us a chance to do a few miles of walking before we hit the road today. In case I have not mentioned it one of the goals for our mini-adventure is to see if we can maintain an exercise program while on the road. We have set this goal on previous trips but never seem to be able to stick to it. This time though there is added incentive and I need to exercise my recovering leg to re-build muscle and get some flexibility back into the damaged ankle. Thats the "recuperation" bit. to read the full post

Tuk 2018 preparation (Home, Washington)

Journal entry for Monday 18th Jun, 2018 (day 0, miles 0)

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