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Back roads of Wisconsin (St Croix, Wisconsin)

Journal entry for Saturday 21st Jul, 2012 (day 17, miles 2,778)

I am guessing that there is (somewhere) a road building school specifically for engineers that build secondary roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Today we got extensive exposure to roads that displayed the signature feature of this school. The roads are laid down in 20-30 ft sections, between each section is a small gap filled with pitch. Since this inter-section gap is slightly lower than the main sections a very consistent wash-board effect is produced. I was very pleased to encounter these road sections as they provided the perfect shake test for the truck and camper. Anything that did not break on these roads is unlikely to break anywhere. Other overlanders looking to subject their vehicle to a similar trial by bumps can get the exact route by sending me a message from the contact page of this site. to read the full post

A new hat for Nina (Bayfield, Wisconsin)

Journal entry for Sunday 22nd Jul, 2012 (day 18, miles 2,941)

Today Nina bought herself a new rhine-stone cap to replace the one she traded with a Uros women when we visited the Uros people of Las Islas Flotantes in Peru. to read the full post