Posts for September, 2011


Posted Monday 19th Sep, 2011

Our choice of a new adventure vehicle came on the heals of a good experience with our Provan Tiger during our 19 month, 60,000 mile Americas Trip and in the face of a recent purchase (as it was then), and a happy experience with a used 2008 Earthroamer. to read the full post

The Choice

Posted Wednesday 21st Sep, 2011

The topic that got me started down the path of "another vehicle" was the question of maintenance and repairs. Our Tiger-Chevy Duramax was incredibly reliable in South America, BUT it was clear from conversations with Chevy dealers in various countries that repairs on the engine/transmission would have been very difficult. Those vehicles, the Duramax engine and Allison transmission are not used in any commonly available vehicles in those parts of the world. to read the full post

The U500

Posted Thursday 22nd Sep, 2011

For those like me that do not (or at least did not) know much about the Unimog U500 I am including some spec sheets and a general discussion of the vehicle. It is worth noting that I could not find a spec sheet for a 2003 vehicle so have resorted to a document published in 2009. This later model vehicle has a Euro 5 engine (and as such required BlueTech fluid and ULSD fuel) rather than Euro 3 engine in our vehicle which has no issue with high sulfur fuel. to read the full post

The Camper

Posted Friday 23rd Sep, 2011

We chose to have GXV build and mount a Safari version of their camper box. You can get the general dimensions and layout of this box from the drawings in the images below (just click the thumbnail to get a larger view). to read the full post