Posts for August, 2012

Dead end on 175 and then the Chemin de fauve, (Near Malbaie, Quebec)

Journal entry for Wednesday 1st Aug, 2012 (day 28, miles 4,488)

Our destination today was Tadoussac along supposed scenic route 175 and then a gravel cutoff road to the coast and highway 138. The trip along 175 was scenic, through the granite hills of the Laurentian Mountains and the gravel cutoff road was a good test of the beast with some rough sections, but about 26 kms into our gravel trial road we encountered Pont ferme. That closed bridge destroyed the days plan. We had to backtrack almost to Quebec city before getting onto 138, about 6 hours to be back in QC. to read the full post

Parking rules, installing signs, and seaside camping (Baie-Comeau, Quebec)

Journal entry for Thursday 2nd Aug, 2012 (day 29, miles 4,654)

There was a fog in the valley of the St Lawrence this morning which sometimes spilled over onto the road way as we continued towards the ferry over the Fjord du Saguenay and the town of Tadoussac on the north shore of the fjord. For us Tadoussac was simply a stop for internet and fuel though for others it is a center for whale watching. We ran a foul of local parking ordinances but after some discussion the police lady who was threatening to give us a ticket instead lead us (on her motor scooter) to the top of town and a gravel parking lot next to a skate park (coordinates for other hapless RV drivers who get stuck in this town are N48.14757 W69.71359) to read the full post

Hydro power, big trucks and loose nuts (Road to Labrador City, Quebec)

Journal entry for Friday 3rd Aug, 2012 (day 30, miles 4,941)

Heading out of Baie-Comeau north to cross the 50th and 51st parallels today we got an abrupt introduction to northern roads. The first 60km was marked by one of the roughest sealed roads we have ever driven and one that twisted around small lakes with almost continuous short but steep (10-12%) climbs and descents. Fortunately the road improved after 60km. Hydro power is the other signature feature of this road. Large power line towers march beside the road as far as the 200KM where sits the 5th hydro station of the day Manic 5. These power stations get their name from the Manicouagan River which in turn is fed by the Manicouagan Reservoir a large circular lake clearly discernible on a map, this is the 5th largest meteor crater in the world. to read the full post

Milestones, 5000 miles, 1 month, Labrador City (Gravel Pit Hwy 500, Labrador)

Journal entry for Saturday 4th Aug, 2012 (day 31, miles 5,076)

A day of milestones. We have been on the road one calendar month, traveled 5000 miles and reached Labrador City at the western end of the Trans-Labrador highway. It was also a day of gradually changing terrain. We started the day with a continuation of the hilly granite country with its myriad lakes where the road was forced to twist and climb around the terrain. As the day progressed the terrain flattened somewhat, the lakes were joined by large areas of wetlands (I think what they call muskeg in Alaska) so that at times the road seems to be forced through the lakes rather than around them. Interspersed between the lakes are some impressive rivers. The forest continues to be an endless carpet composed mostly of what I think are black spruce, the same kind of trees we saw on the road to Inuvik. To our surprise there has been a lot of sealed road today, some of it brand new, and even the gravel (more accurately packed earth) we have encountered has been in good condition allowing (our) highway speeds. to read the full post

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