Posts for November, 2012

Electrical, Part 1

Posted Thursday 1st Nov, 2012

This is the first of a series of posts related to the electric system in our GXV expedition vehicle. My aim in this series of articles/posts is to outline the original mission of the electrical system, analyze how well the originally supplied equipment meet that mission, describe what modifications and upgrades I have made and what lessons I have learned, and what problems (if any) are still outstanding. to read the full post

Electrical, Part 2

Posted Saturday 3rd Nov, 2012

In the first post in this series I outlined the mission for the electrical system of our GXV expedition vehicle and described the electrical system as originally delivered. to read the full post

Electrical, Part 3

Posted Saturday 3rd Nov, 2012

Two effects combine to render the truck alternator ineffective as a charge source for the camper battery pack. to read the full post

Family and Europe

Posted Thursday 15th Nov, 2012

Most of November and December is being spent with visits to our two sons and non travel related business so for a while there will be a break in our daily journal. The minor exception is that we have included a few photos from the limited sightseeing we did while in Europe visiting our eldest son. to read the full post